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Light, Darkness and Colour in Art and Therapy

“Colour reveals itself in the world of senses
as a moving interval between the invisible 
creative activities of light and darkness”

L.Collot d´Herbois, Spheres of Colour

Through her work and teaching, Liane Collot d´Herbois has founded an artistic and therapeutic approach. In this light and darkness are considered to be creative forces, that produce phenomena of colour.

The painter seeks to understand the laws that confer their own dynamics on each colour. He can on his path of painting establish an active relationship to cosmic effects. Based on this relationship he acts artistically or therapeutically.

This approach makes it possible for therapeutic effects to take place based upon the correspondence of the cosmic trinity of light darkness and colour with the trinity of spirit, body and soul, which constitutes the human being.

Painters, therapists and training institutions around the world work on the basis of these principles.

This web site is an initiative of the Association Light, Darkness and Colour in Art and Therapy. It offers the opportunity to contact other persons, who feel linked to the impulse and want to develop it.

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