Organization of this website


The impulse initially entered the world due to the activity of one individual. Now it is up to the followers, to take up the impulse and to bring it to fruition in their work.
When these persons join up practising and at the same time bearing the impulse of the work for Light, Darkness and Colour and exchange their individual results with each other, a fruitful development takes places.

Form of Organization

  • The information published on this web site is based on the responsibility of each contributor towards the Movement for Light, Darkness and Colour.
  • All information is published as authorized by the contributor.
  • Anyone interested in an initiative is invited to use the form  in order to communicate with the organizers and to send them his contribution.
  • The organizers will post the contribution on the web site.
  • The organizers reserve the right to reject a contribution, possibly without providing reasons.
  • Articles and contributions published on this web site are the responsibility of the respective author and do not represent the opinion of the organizers.


Operation of the web site is funded by the association.
The publication of contributions and articles is free of charge to the contributor.


  • Information on this web site may only be used in the context of work for Light, Darkness and Colour.
  • Contributors provide their contributions without charge.
  • We consider the web as a medium suitable for publication.
  • However, content and processes of the work for Light, Darkness and Colour can only be presented in a very limited way.
  • Web information can by no means substitute for the experience of direct encounter between human beings, the self-created visual process or the confrontation with an original piece of art.


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